Friday, 21 November 2014


Yesterday we went to the lake of Sanabria. We were walking for 2 hours. When we finished the route we went to another town called Riba de Lagos Nuevo to have lunch. Then we went walking to another to Riba de Lagos Viejo, there the teachers explained to us the tragedy of the flood. After that we went by bus to Puebla de Sanabria there we went to the lookout and then we went in front to the church. Later, we had free time to go shopping or eat something. Finally we returned to the hostel. After the dinner our group had to present the project that we did in class. Then when we finished, the other high school put a video showing the most important places in their town called Hornachos. After that we made two groups and we sang songs. When we finished singing we said one word that meant all of this experience to live with other persons that before we didn’t know and we had a good time with them. 

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Today we spent the whole day in Arribas del Duero. First we went to a viewpoint and then Concha explained us the different types of birds. After that we walked for 2 hours to a route. Then we ate at a bar two sandwiches and a coke. Then we went to a pottery in Fariza called MÂȘ Carmen and she showed us how to make a clay figure and some students tried to do a figure. After that we returned to Villardeciervos. It was a very cold day and it was raining all the time.


We went to the mountain and we learnt different things of the nature for example, the type of trees, the rocks, animals etc. We learnt that the most common trees in these regions are oak and chestnut.  We arrived and we had lunch. After this we had free time. In the afternoon we did an orientation route and when we arrived to the hostel we realised  Aloe Vera gel. Now we are waiting to have dinner and after that we are going to do some activities. 


We travelled by plane and by bus all the morning, when we arrived to Vallodilid we stop to a village to have lunch. We arrived to Villardeciervos at the evening. Then we did an excursion to see the town and we played a game.  After this, we had dinner and we did some activities in the playground.